Our Approach

Hybrid Reality leverages sophisticated tools such scenario analysis, simulations and other complexity-based approaches to deliver fresh perspectives and strategic guidance to its clients and partners. Some of the methods Hybrid Reality employs include:



Scenario Planning
Scenario planning involves framing the present context, clarifying assumptions, determining key drivers of change, and mapping their impact through the development of diverse potential trajectories. We work iteratively with clients to build the most relevant scenarios possible across multiple time horizons, tailoring our global analysis to your specific requirements.

Over-the-horizon Trend Forecasting
Amidst the plethora of trends emerging from the geopolitical, economic, social, environmental, technological and other domains, which will endure, which will bend, and which will end? We use systems thinking to develop comprehensive forecasts that integrate the complex interactions of diverse trends and factor in unanticipated chain reactions.

Gaming, Simulations and Role-play
Simulating corporate and international negotiations is a crucial preparatory step in optimizing your position for maximum leverage. Similarly, policy gaming allows leaders to prepare for complex decision-making environments and factor in diverse stakeholder positions. Our team considers all the angles and uses the latest online tools in designing role-play exercises.

Red Team
Companies very often make decisions about foreign investment, asset allocation, mergers, service expansion and other significant ventures without subjecting their strategies to sufficiently rigorous scrutiny. A “red team” challenges assumptions, inverts logic, plays devil’s advocate, presents counter-arguments, examines financial and non-financial risks, and develops alternative scenarios. Our multi-disciplinary team offers invaluable feedback by anticipating potential failures and enabling strategy correction before it’s too late.


Delivery Formats

Hybrid Reality delivers content to its clients in various formats:

Master Classes
Our subject matter experts deliver bespoke workshops (half/full day), coaching clients on the latest trends in global management, innovation, technology, governance, infrastructure, and many other timely themes. A deep-dive approach to content is coupled with substantial dialogue to embed insights into our client’s situational context.

We deliver tailored, data rich, and analytical presentations on key topics at the top of the global and industry agendas for large public and private events. We work closely with clients to determine the most relevant themes and core messages.

Executive Seminars
We bring insights straight into the boardroom with customized roundtable sessions (onsite/offsite) focused on adapting firm strategy to complex circumstances. We also offer content design and delivery for corporate off-site events emphasizing firm transformation and long-term strategic thinking.

Hybrid Reality’s academic, policy and industry network delivers cutting-edge topical research through proprietary reports. We combine quantitative and qualitative analysis with original recommendations that speak directly to client’s circumstances.

To stimulate out-of-the-box thinking amongst leaders and decision-makers, we curate cross-disciplinary brainstorming salons in cities around the world. Exclusive and intimate, these conversations spark ideas that can evolve into fresh ventures.

Investor Tours
Gaining firsthand exposure to high-growth frontier markets is crucial to investing in the right sectors and with the right partners. We bring clients to the most dynamic emerging centers of commerce to meet with key industry leaders and political figures, forging relationships that open crucial investment pathways.


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